New Milton - an Online Record

Welcome to New Milton in the past and present

New Milton - an Online Record was started in early 2000 in response to an email from Stan Gallop, an expatriate Miltonian living in Canada, who asked if I had any old local photographs.

This led me to create this website, using some photographs and postcards from my own collection, and from other sources.

Updates: I add photographs as I acquire them, and as time allows, although running my own business means that new photos can take a while to appear. Keep calling back to see the latest additions!.

Guestbook: The Guestbook is a great place to reminisce about the town and to ask old friends to get in touch. Tell us about your memories of New Milton... good or bad!

Requests: as an additional service, I am happy to photograph parts of the area that anyone would like to see, although please bear in mind that this could take a week or two. Please use the contact form to make a request.
If anyone has any old photographs or postcards of New Milton or the surrounding area, that you would be prepared to lend to New Milton - an Online Record for scanning, I would love to hear from you. Click here to contact me. All photographs will be returned in good condition.
This website covers the local history of the following areas: New Milton, Ashley, Barton-on-Sea, Bashley, Wootton, Hordle, Everton, Downton and Walkford, although it doesn't, as yet, cover Lymington, Pennington, Sway or Highcliffe. Bottom text

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